March 17, 2011

Pretty papers

I had the camera out photographing my upcoming baby shower invitations (did you see them?) and ended up thumbing through the vase we keep with invitations, thank yous, postcards, programs, etc from our friends & family.  Last year we were sent a couple of really fabulously stylish invitations and today I'm going to share them with you!

I should preface this by saying we had a lot of friends get married last year.  Two of the weddings had a bicycle motif.  Here is Pat & Jenny's invite.  It was really cute.  They also had programs and their thank you cards printed to match.  It really was a treat to recieve!

An obvious favorite from Ms. Sarah.  You saw the invite she designed for me - this one she designed as well! This matched the wedding really well.

Here's the save-the-date from our friends Bunch & Kaitlyn.  Their actual invite was just as cute, but I wasn't able to capture it as well on film (and our copy was really beat up). 

This last one isn't an invite we recieved, but was actually apart of an Event Design Sarah and I just presented to one of our clients for a Retro Rock-n-Roll themed wedding.  We can't take credit for the design at all because it is a free template online actually.  But isn't it cute?

Isn't getting good mail so fun?  That's why I find it so hard to throw away some times!  So if you ever send me something cute, you can feel good knowing that I'm probably going to keep it around for a little while :)

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