April 10, 2011

A Couple of Favorite Blog Links

It is hard to say this outloud, but I spend WAAAY to much time reading blogs.  I don't know why but I am really addicted to blogging in general.  I mainly read party planning/wedding, photography blogs, & home decor blogs although there are a good dose of misc and other personal interest blogs that I follow pretty regularly too (like my husbands).  Today I thought I'd share a couple of blogs that I find interesting, inspiring, or that I just plain like.  For those familiar with the blog world, some of these are pretty common so you'll likely see some of your favorites too!

  • BY FAR my favorite photographer, Jasmine Star (j*).  If you like photography and sass you've got to start following her.  Not to mention she's flat out amazing.
  • Hostess With the Mostess - great blog/website for finding inspiration while planning your own small events.  Modern, fun, and colorful usually sum up the events featured on this site.
  • Southern Weddings Magazine - This blog is written by the editors of Southern Weddings Magazine.  Tons of just gorgeous weddings, ettiquette advice (which I love), give aways, etc.
  • Kara's Party Ideas -   A new blog for me, but a pretty easy one to check in on and do a quick image scan on.  There are tons of real party features to get inspiration from.
  • Young House Love - John & Sherry tackle tons of home improvement and DIY projects and along with making it extremely personal.  Most of the time it feels as if they've invited you into their home and you're doing the projects with them.  Great design along with very user friend DIY projects - a WIN in my book!
  • Frugal Coupon Living - For any cheapskates out there you've got to check out this daily couponing blog.  Tons of deals for deals online and in the stores.
  • Nesting Place - A home decor blog dedicated to making easy, fun, design accessible to anyone. 
  • House Tweaking - Another newer blog for me, but one that is quickly becoming a favorite.  Just a woman writing about her home, her projects, stuff she likes and stuff that's worked for her. 
  • Rage Against the Minivan - This blog is hard to catagorize as it covers a lot of personal stories, social issues, reader submissions, etc.  Overall just a good, humorous, sarcastic, informative blog.
  • Creative Event Studio - So what if I help write this blog?  If you like photography, party planning, and want to help support two gals living a dream check it out!
And since this list is getting a bit long I'm going to end it there, although it's just a smidge of some of my favorites.  How many blogs do you follow?

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