April 22, 2011

A little bit of early birthday fancy

Today marks 28 years of my husband being alive.
My husband is no stranger to this blog, I'm sure to his dismay he is often mentioned and has been pictured numerous times (as well as having permanent photos on the side bar).  I link to his blog nearly every time I mention him.  Each year I write a short blog post wishing him a happy birthday and this year is no different.  Although this year's post may be a bit sappier than in years past...sorry - it's my blog.

Christopher I am so glad you are my husband.  I am SO looking forward to seeing you be a dad to our little guy.  You have a generous spirit and a genuine caring for others.  You love me more than I ever could have wished for someone to.  I love your film reviews and even the tacky stuff you want us to buy for our house (I think you can picture your most recent purchase).  Our house is lonely when you are not home and I always look forward to 4:30 when you walk through the door. 

On your birthday remember that you are loved and feel special, important, blessed beyond measure, and grateful for the many good things in your life. 

This morning to celebrate Chris's birthday we had an early morning birthday breakfast.  Chris requested a coffee cake.  I'd never made a coffee cake.  It was surprisingly simple (and super yummy) - but it made for A LOT of cake!  Hopefully his co-workers like coffee cake!  Since I do like to bring a little bit of fancy to our everyday life I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a special little birthday set up to start the day.  Chris is a big Royals fan so I went with a Royals theme and snatched up a few royal blue plates for just $0.88 cents each (the only expense outside of the cake supplies and the gift).  The rest of the items were items from around the house. So here's a quick pic:

Happy birthday Christopher!


  1. ah, appropriately sappy. great looking breakfast!!

  2. Thumbs up to a great guy AND a smashingly happy couple that are going to make AWESOME parents!

  3. Thanks so much for the great breakfast! A good way to start a strange birthday. =)