August 26, 2014

Here, there, and all over the place

Even though this blog is all but forgotten to everyone else I can't seem to let myself delete this space.  Perhaps it is sentiment but more than anything I think keeping it up gives me hope that I will come back, dust off, and dig back in.  So many things have changed since I began this blog and though the interests that brought me here still exist, they have evolved and changed into something else entirely...something I'm not even sure I could fully articulate.  For some reason I WANT to blog.  Of course I still blog at our CES blog about work things but I miss being able to share my personal projects and stories in the same way that I can here.

I'm not sure why I'm even putting this out here.  I guess just to DO it.  Maybe someday I'll be a blogger again.  For now I will keep this space open and continue to give me hope that I will come and make this space my home again.

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