February 19, 2015

Oscar Party Decor Through The Years

For a short time I briefly started a family blog.  Then I realized I really wanted to come back to this blog.  From time to time I pop in and repost something I wrote at the other blog.  (Confused yet?!)   Chris took a brief break from his movie watching schedule so we won't be hosting this weekend but seeing as the Oscars are this weekend this post felt timely for those of us planning to tune in on Sunday.

Chris loves movies.  I know everyone likes movies, but this hobby is different.  He's kind of a film snob.  A couple of years ago he even started a blog.  You should check it out, it's fun (and if you disagree with his reviews - which you might - tell him!).  Anyways since he is so into movies we often host an Oscar party.  We don't do it every year (some years he says that the movies nominated aren't worth our trouble...) but when we do, we do our best to treat our friends to a bit of Oscar style :)  Chris posted his list of winners yesterday (see the full list here) so I thought I'd do a recap of our Oscar decor in years past in case any of you are thinking of hosting your own party!

I can't seem to find many pictures of our parties from 2008 and 2009.  The photos on the top (where I'm pregnant) are from 2011, the bottom 2 boards are from 2012.  You can read more about our 2011 party by clicking on the year. With a 7 month old running around somehow I didn't get around to detailing our party from last year.  So I guess this post does have some original photos :)  (We decided to go with a more informal movie-theater theme that included a ticket & concession stand along with our standard ballot booth.) Though this was not an Oscar party I did throw Chris a movie-themed birthday party one year.  To see the decor and recap click here.


I hope that since our boys are getting a little bigger and Chris is getting back into movies again that we'll get back to our Oscar party next year.  Fingers crossed!