March 1, 2011

Oscar Party 2011 Recap

Our 2011 Oscar party went off without a hitch and I do believe it is the best one we've thrown to date!  To start things off though Sarah brought me her copy of the invitation for me to share on the blog.  Here is the front...
And here is the inside....

We always lay out a 'red carpet' for our guests to walk down, but this year we added 2 large tripods (paparazzi) to catch everyone's arrival.

Next to the red carpet we had a station with a sign that read, "And the winner is..." and a frame filled with nametags that listed different awards and the guests name.  I won Best Director!  You will also notice that the official sponsor of the 2011 Oscar party is Chris's Film Blog

Here is a view from the formal living room (where guests entered) into the Voting Booth (dining room).

In years past the voting booth has only allowed for two people to vote at a time.  This year we changed it up a bit to allow for 4 people to vote at a time. 

The inside of the voting booth.  I really love this tablecloth but find it can be a bit busy.  To help our guests not be so dizzy while in the booth I set each station with a simple red napkin. 

From the Voting Booth guests entered into the food room to find Red Carpet Snacks.  Food was kept simple with just four menu options, cupcakes, bruschetta, cookies, and popcorn.  We kept everything on the food table consistent with the color scheme of red and white.  The cupcake stand was made from empty boxes wrapped in gold wrapping paper.  The Oscar statue at the top was something I already owned (true story), but could be purchased at any party store for $5 or less.  I also made some very simple cupcake toppers out of left over red paper, toothpicks, a star punch, and rubber cement. 

The Oscar viewing area (family room) was also outfitted in red and white.  Generally when we host events at our house nothing is sacred, furniture gets moved, pictures get taken down, etc.  Although I had planned to drape behind the couch and TV and remove the rest of the wall decor it didn't end up happening since I wasn't the one doing much of the manual labor this time around.  Overall though I still thought it turned out well.  We covered all of our throw pillow with extra while pillow cases we had on hand.

Chris subscribes to Film Comment magazine so we laid out several of those for our guests to read through.  I felt like the table needed a tray, but had already used my gold tray elsewhere.  SO an extra black frame got a bit of gold wrapping paper and there you go!

Chris also owns several vintage movie cameras, so placed those around for decor as well.  The two movie projectors flanked the TV.

This is a bit of a misc decor item, but whenever we have large amounts of people over (especially if some have not been to our home before) I like to keep things as straight forward as possible, so I whipped up a couple of theme related Restroom signs to direct people to the facilities.

Last but not least I thought I'd leave you with this awesome picture of Chris and I's debut down the red carpet.  It's hard being this famous.

Here's hoping that 2011 will be host to enough decent movies that Chris deems it ok to host the party again next year! 


  1. Great recap. Our pic is awesome!

  2. For the record, you are SO talented. And I'd say that even if I weren't your mother. Just sayin'.