October 27, 2015

Halloween Table Setting

I popped over to the blog today thinking I'd post something else but found this sitting in draft with no text.  Go figure!

This is a halloween themed table scape from a few years ago that I did on the fly for fun.  To me it reads a bit like 'Dracula'.  :)  I used a red damask table cloth with black candlesticks.  To add some gore I dripped red wax on top of some white candles.  A sharpie turned some tin cans into ominous vases for seasonal mums.  For the place settings I used my great-great grandparents anniversary china that is black and white transfer wear with lots of wear.  The white pebble napkin rings remind me of teeth/bone in this context.  

All in all I think it works pretty well for Halloween!

I prefer to keep Halloween specific decor to a minimum, though my husband would definitely take it up a notch if I was into it (I'm not).  What does your Halloween decorating look like?

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