April 10, 2015

Digging into Lightroom

Last year for Christmas my sweet husband gifted me a new computer and Lightroom.  I have always heard that Lr is a beast to learn and I was a bit apprehensive about getting into it.  For the past 5+ years I've used Photoshop for editing and have either managed (in the early years) by manually sorting my photos (GAH) or have used Picasa for sorting.  It's not a great system but it's gotten the job done well enough.  Well tomorrow I am shooting a very exciting styled shoot and I thought that since I had a few hours of down time I'd try and figure it out.


Now I'm knee deep in open tabs and tutorials and my head is spinning.  Please say a prayer for me.  I have finally found a trail of tutorials that are helping me get a grasp on the basics.  If you're in the same boat and aren't looking for video tutorials (I know everyone is obsessed with video but I'm not.  Am I the only one?) I'm find these extremely helpful.  So if you're out there just starting out with Lightroom I wish you good luck.  Hopefully you won't find me with my head in the oven.

(Yep, no pictures on this blog post.)

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