January 13, 2016

Howie's Grey & Navy Nursery

After posting all of our house listing photos I realized that there were several rooms I never did a full post about.  Sadly Mr. H's room is one of them!  I'm not sure how it got missed because I even had this post done in draft.  Better late than never, right?
Poor Baby H has the smallest of our 3 bedrooms.  The room measures in at just 9 x 11.  In the past we always used this room as a guest room and I loved knowing that a full size bed could fit in the space.  (You can view pictures of the guest room here.)  This room is right across from Davis's room so I wanted the spaces to tie in together as much as possible without them 'matching'.  I liked the colors in Davis's room but I knew that they were not right for Howie.  Early on I decided I wanted to use navy, but after deciding that the rooms should coordinate I opted for grey on grey walls with aqua and navy accents.

The stripes on the walls were done using the time-tested flat/semi-gloss method where you use the same color paint in 2 different sheens and paint them in stripes.  The stripes were just enough to give the room some interest and help the room feel a little larger.  

The crib is the same one we used with our older son.  It was handmade by my dad.  The wooden tree mobile was a first Christmas present (because what do you buy a 6 week old for Christmas?) and the deer head was a DIY left over from his first birthday.  The crib blanket can be found here.  

One thing we did that helped tie the two rooms together was buy curtains of the same pattern in different colors.  The curtains are Waverly's Lovely Lattice.  The artwork on the right is a painting we bought at an antique store in Limmerick Ireland (which seemed right considering we found out we were pregnant while overseas).  The painting on the bottom left came from Chris's grandparents and the coins in the top frame are leftover Euros.

One thing that I don't have pictured here (I need to dig it out) is our changing table.  The room is too small to accommodate the chair, dresser, and crib so the closet doors were removed and the dresser sat inside of there.  Chris built a changing table that was anchored into the wall and had a slide out changing tray.  It was very cool!  

Even though I went into designing this room with the idea that the two rooms should coordinate they have really different 'feels'.  This room is calm and relaxing where as Davis's room is energetic and playful.  I used the exact same grey and aqua in both rooms but the accent colors really helped direct the tone of each space.  When I was pregnant I made a comment to Sarah that I thought Howie's room would be a place he would go to as a retreat to rest where as Davis's room would be a place he would go to retreat and create.  I have found both statements to be true!  Do you feel like your environment influences you or that you influence your house?  Or both?

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